party / mini-mix

promo mini mix spring 2009
capturing the NGOMA sound in 10 minutes, 18 tracks:


Wey Nagrom said...

1) nice graphic style, for events and mixes.

2) great postings, several months ago you introduced me to the relatively unknown 'ocora' label. based on some of your uploads, thought of sharing a mix of alva.noto's music i made recently: http://listenersdiary.blogspot.com/2009/04/mix-iv-spaces-in-between-w-alvanoto.html

3) ever heard of themixingbowl.org? good site for peer feedback of mixes, with a board open to rule-related mixes such as your previous post. also, people post non-commercial mixes and livesets from around the world.

AgeOfTreason said...

quite an eclectic blend of musics... your blog is really cool....

you've been posting stuff for 4 yrs...
how about tagging the posts...? could help digging into the archives IMHO i.e. :)


could you re-up some links from 'spectralism' post??

thx in adv!

Buns O'Plenty said...

great blog!