morocco was amazing and crazy and hallucinatory. but it will take some time for me to sort through the photos and stories and piles of amazing music i brought back. for now i realize we haven't had any contemporary electronic music in a while and here is an almost forgotten gem:

Thanks to coonass who originally uploaded this obscure and lovely little self released CDR by portugese person/outfit TSUKI, called "i wish that mountain could have eye".

it comprises of gentle but impressionable, haunting yet not typically "dark", minimalist but playful sound paintings using really nice and unique loops and textures and amazing resonating tones, some of which come from a saxophone.

thoroughly enjoyed first 2 back-to-back listens over the weekend and have become an instant favorite that i will return to time and again.



Andy said...

this is really great. thanks.

ted said...

This is great. Parts of the album remind me of the more ambient sections of the first Tuxedomoon releases.

Great headtrip music, you can get lost in it!

Anonymous said...

I felt the need to stop listening for a few times during listening to this. I don't know why, but I did not.
Great music. Thank you

Anonymous said...

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