taking sides

this is not a political blog, and i realize that the Dems and Repubs are almost the same thing and that the soap opera of poli-tainment is just another distraction to keep people asleep at the wheel of life. i also recognize that voting itself is not much more than an exercise in futility and to keep believing the illusion of freedom and lie of Amerikkkan "democracy" is for the birds...

but with that said.




Bwanasonic said...

You forgot the smiley at the end! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish you wouldn't mince words and would instead just come out and say what you think.

zhao said...

Re: I wish you wouldn't mince words and would instead just come out and say what you think.

yeah i have a bad habit of beating around the bush and being all wishy washy afraid to offend people... working on it ;)

Rory said...

(If this turns into a double post, I apologise!)

Dude! Tolerance!

Maybe this mixtape will soothe the savage breast:

Tracklisting can be seen at http://franks-apa.blogspot.com/

It contains a couple of Irish folk tunes, although no uilleann pipes. I'll see what I can dig out of the archives for you....

Steve Taylor said...


If that means tolerating redneck idiots in charge of the world than frankly fuck that.

(Is this where I put the smiley?)

Anonymous said...

Fix spelling on McCain. Thank you for taking sides.

Tha Big Dog said...

Unoriginal, hysterical, emotional outbursts like yours are the reason the majority will reject the inexperienced phony flipflopping Obama, his warvoting plagiarizing underling, and the gullible lemmings that believe in them and deliver Senator McCain to The White House. Your little blog doesn't matter if you cannot focus on growing up.

Rory said...

This blog matters, no matter who sits in the White House.

Mr. Memory said...

I'm pretty averse to hyperbole, but this time I gotta go with Zhao. It seems to me that it is people like Tha Big Dog who are having the wool pulled over their eyes. On the flip-flopping charge, for example, in the last year McCain has flipped on (i) abortion rights (from pro to con), (ii) offshore drilling (from con to pro), (iii) gay marriage (from pro to con), (iv) adoption by gays (from pro to con), and on (v) more troops to Afghanistan (from con to pro) - and these are just those that come to mind off the top of my head.

More importantly for many of us, Obama's tax plan is more responsible, both in its treatment of those of use who earn less than US$200,000.00 per year, and in its treatment of the US economy as a whole. See the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center report for more information.

Both candidates' health care plans have serious issues, according to a new study that just came out today. So there's a tossup there. I lean towards Obama's if only because McCain's has salary deductions for health care premiums occur after taxes, rather than before taxes as they are now. This is because McCain's plan has individuals purchase insurance rather than having the organizations they work for provide the benefits. My worry there is that (i) research in behavioral economics shows that people are less likely to opt-in to something than opt-out (so fewer people will get coverage), and (ii) organizations may loose their bargaining power with insurance providers. These are just worries, and I need to look into it more.

Historically, Obama and Biden have been more prescient about foreign policy than McCain (and Palin is clueless). So that gives reason to trust their judgment. Also interesting is the recent BBC poll of 22 nations (excluding the US) in which all 22 said they preferred Obama/Biden. This means an Obama presidency would have a large amount of goodwill to work with, whereas a McCain presidency would have a significant amount of animosity to work against.

Obama's energy policy, which advocates a broad approach targeting both some expanded drilling along with substantial tax incentives for developing sources of renewable energy, seems more responsible than focusing on drilling, which targets only a non-renewable energy source. Both candidates endorse expansion in nuclear power, but Obama seems a bit more aware of the difficulties posed by nuclear waste - so again he ends up with a broader strategy. The bipartisan 'Gang of 20' that met yesterday to discuss energy policy seemed to agree in principle that a broad plan along the lines of Obama's is our best strategy for guaranteeing our national security and personal energy needs (you can find accounts of that meeting all over the web).

Finally, there are the social issues. There are no rational arguments against allowing gays to be recognized as married under state and federal law (there are rational arguments for particular religions to not recognize 'holy' marriages - but marriage under federal and state law is a secular concept, not a religious one) - so more points for Obama there. Similarly for adoption by gays.

I think what is really sad is that people like Tha Big Dog don't seem to sit down and try to weigh the pros and cons of each candidate, and instead rely on gut reactions. It's really an easy decision when one looks at the facts instead of the lies. So - do your research, folks!

(I am in no way affiliated with the Obama campaign, nor am I blogger or pundit - just an American citizen who wants the best for myself and my family.)

And nice music blog! Thanks.

Directional Mike said...

I don't hang around with RACIST ASSHOLE DIMWITs, and I certainly don't vote for them. Thanks for confirming--in no uncertain terms--that you are of like mind! Great Blog! ~ mike

Anonymous said...

you gave me the biggest smile of the day. thank you. i couldn't have said it better myself.

rory, go drink alot of bourbon.

big dog, go lick your balls (and tongue your ass while your at it).

zhao said...

thanks for mix rory, tracklisting looks real interesting. but i won't be able to get at it for a little while.

thanks for the detailed analysis Mr. Memory. if only things like common sense and good-will and honesty mattered to most voters...

if only people would just vote in THEIR OWN BEST INTEREST, instead of in the interest of those who take their hard earned money and send their kids to die in unjust wars.

Rory said...

anonymous, that's the best idea I've heard all day. I'd rather an Irish whiskey than a bourbon - hope that's cool with you.


zhao said...

tullamore dew or jameson?

zhao said...

i'm a dew man meself...

cordedpoodle said...

> Fix spelling on McCain.

Easy. McBush.

Doren here. Leo had me laughing.

"Moderate" libertarian here. Waah! Not an idologue fanatic. Became libertarian in 1974! I fear power, government AND business unlike most idiot johnny come lately, business can do anything libertarians. Haven't liked the Democrats since Lyndon Johnson stepped up bombing Vietnam.

But Bush & McBush have me voting Democrat. I'm even going to volunteer to man phones on election day.

X fingers on Obama.

Anonymous said...

Stomme lul. Ga maar self dood.

Anonymous said...

John McCain & Sarah Palin are Neo-Cons and all Neo-Cons are Closet Racists a sadder point is that a large percentage of democrats are as well example: the entire Hillary Clinton Campaign Im a Liberal-Progressive From New york but im moving to canada if those a-holes steel this election Racism is the thing in life i just don't put up with and it's a goddamn shame if can't elect someone
other than a white guy for President Black Latin Asian NOW!

Anonymous said...

I Love All People But Hate All Racists

Maldoror said...

I especially liked the "and kill yourself" part.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Zhao; you've really made some good points. Way to persuade fence-sitters. You must hate the fact that you have to share the world with other people and other opinions, since it's so obvious that people who don't think like you are moronic assholes. So, can we assume that you will be running for office next election cycle? You seem to have all the answers... oh, wait... you're just insulting people, not actually offering anything constructive to the debate. Ah, it's clear now.

Greg said...

Thanks--I needed that. I've been trying to be civil, living in a pretty conservative area where people are falling all over themselves with love for Palin, but you just said what I really feel and it was good to read.

Tha Big Dog forgot to add "MWAhahahahahahahhahaaaaaaa" to his post.

Rory said...

I've never tried Tullamore Dew.
Been to the town once or twice though. Smells funny.
Bushmills wins for me, tho I'm ashamed to admit liking a 'protestant' whiskey :)

Anyway, I ended up drinking Belgian beer that night...

Aan dhr. Anonymous:
- "zelf" niet "self" toch?. Waarom scrijf je in 't Nederlands op een Engelse taalige blog? Rare jongen!

Bárður R. said...

hear! hear!

Anonymous said...

it's gotta be bourbon rory, we're talking john mccain and palin here, jesus and wood paneling. if you really want to immerse yourself in the american's america it's got to be bourbon. (and preferably some stax singles on the turntable next to the virgin mary lamp).

david said...

well, i'm a christian and yes, i believe in jesus, and i just want to make it clear that if i vote at all (because i agree with probably everyone else around here that voting and "poli-tainment" isn't really changing much of anything in the u.s.) that i will, shock of all shocks, vote for obama and not mccain (palin is, let's be honest, really nothing more than the face that the mccain bill wants to put forth [she's really little more than a cheerleader--listen to her "political dialogue"]).

(another shocker [no, not the thing with your first 2 fingers and your pinky] is that a christian actually enjoys experimental music like this.)

also, i just stumbled on this blog today... fantastic stuff. thanks.

gerireig said...

Memo to "Big Dog": As of 9/24/08, your "little pussy" has canceled his Friday debate with Obama to "focus on the financial crisis". What a simpering coward. He was going to get his assed kicked because he's an unprincipled, ignorant, Keating 5 sleaze-bag. Amd he beats his wife to boot!

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing is when little music tools pretend to know about politics. Pubescent web dweebs have zero idea how the elites operate and how they bait and switch pretend progressives to do one kind of their dirty work one way, and then hammer you with other methods another way, always keeping you off balance and indentured, thinking you have a choice, thinking you have a vote.

Any serious review of Obama reveals what a corporatist, vain, shallow, unprincipled scumbag he truly is, and there will never again be a meaningful difference between any dem and gop admin.

That is why Obama voted for the outrageous bush energy bill in 05, praised Reagan, slobbed the Surge's knob, wants to increase troops in Afghanistan, and utterly pussed out over NAFTA, telecom spying, impeachment, McCain's challenge of 10 Town Hall meetings anytime and anywhere, you name it.

The evidence is overwhelming, but pothead music douches--and most others, but especially tools like the dimbulbs on here--will forever fall for the Hobson's choice.

As for the debates, you clearly don't understand anything. The gop have proven time again they don't need to play by the pansy morality and reasoning of kneejerk liberal lightweights.

They simply win.




gerireig said...

...And your candidate is whom? Don't think you're the first pompous ass to see the folly of it all. What's your philosophy, how did you implement it, where have you tried ii, and how successful were you? Otherwise, go bore some college professor who's paid to listen to loads of pretentious ship.

zhao said...

anonymous 2 above:

some good points. thanks. but a few i have already made in the original post re: non-choice, non-difference between 2 parties and the Big Lies almost everyone believes.

the original post was decidedly un-analytical, un-reasoned, emotional, and funny (to me atleast), and if you dont realize that you have some problems.

problems in addition to the obvious ones you display with your unfounded and absurd hostility.

but those links are appreciated, i will check them (and you should check your head)

alettriste said...

You have a great blog and you made a GREAT post. With the unwanted wut VERY welcomed effect that demonstrates that redneck-bush-mccain-palin supporters are obviously illiterate, and cannot read a couple of SHORT, WELL WRITTEN sentences.

HAving said tat, I am not going to vote because... I am from another part of the world. However, this is relevant because we ALL suffer the consequences of the vote for the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD.

As Zhao, cordedpoodle and others remarked here, Dems are no too much better than Reps (remember Bosnia?), as a political party.

But Reagans(and Tatchers!?), Bushes, McCaines, Cheneys and friends are EVIL.

Thanks for the blog, the music and the humour!


Anonymous said...

I'm voting against listening to that old hissy snake voice and watching his wrinkled snake face spew lies for four freakin' years. And if he gets shot look what we got. ~stu

Anonymous said...

g'day Zhao and gang.
Firstly, congratulations on a great blog site, and thanks for the many great shares posted here.

On politics...I have watched Australian politics since the 70's and the effect 'Yank'(sorry)politics has affected our policies.
Still today, in a Melbourne suburb there is still some 70's graffiti 'Don't vote it only encourages them'.
Fine sentiments when you are a teenager who thinks they are radical and espouses anarchy.
In this World Corporate Shithole we all live, there is only one way
to make change, and that is by voting.

Y'all (I picked that up in Tx) may or may not be aware that it is mandatory to vote in Australia ...even at the local level if you own property.
Yup, yup it all sounds UN-DEMOCRATIC, and I got more fines than many I know, but most of us grow up!

Whilst our parents usually didn't ask us if we wished to be born... we are citizens of our States, Nations and the world. I firmly believe, that you owe yourself and your neighbours, that responsibility to vote... no fence sitting allowed.
The world has changed and I believe the American constitution needs to change - to reflect that you are world citizens.
Yes, America sneezes and we get pneumonia... whilst our economy is strong at the moment, we are not unaffected.
Whilst there some (not many)decent corporate citizens, the large majority don't give a toss about you and me and the millions starving around the world.
Internationally we need to vote, and get corporation laws changed - to make corporate individuals accountable for their shonky dealings... and I'm not talking fines, I'm talking lengthy prison sentences and confiscation of ALL assets.

I'm no commo' but jeez Karl Marx was no idiot... he must be in his grave pissin' himself laughing right now - looking at what capitalism has done for us all.
Middle America get use to it, you are gonna have to tighten your belt irrespective of who goes to the White House.

To Big Dog, after you have licked ya balls and arse (I liked that comment) go and f***ing eat your own kind - if you want to live in a dog eat dog world, we don't need you.

regards and best wishes
to all you democratic socialists

Anonymous said...

The train comes by here so infrequently that it is just not expedient to do that...

Anonymous said...

Politics don't belong in music blogs why ruin a positive experience with negative rants. Face it the rich run the world and getting angry about which rat is in the Oval Office means nothing. Its the the music that keeps us gleeful and grounded!!!

Anonymous said...

Since when is McCain a racist? The only reason he lost was because of the economy. Nobody really cares about your rant. As for myself, I voted for Obama even though it's probably the Bildenberg group who is really in charge.