At the Konfrontationen festival in Austria last year i struck up a completely random conversation with someone standing next to me before a performance, and he turned out to be a regular visitor of this blog - always a great pleasure to meet internet music heads in real life. So if you are going to the FUSION FESTIVAL this summer, be sure to say hello, we will be playing on 2 separate nights:

SAT JUN 28 / 9PM - 12PM ---- DJ ZHAO solo
SUN JUN 29 / 1AM - 8AM ----- NGOMA Afro-Asia Soundsystem

Also NGOMA Mix Series VOL. 2 will be out soon!!!
Now, before we return to the Ocora diet, a nice bowl of improvised recordings to sate your appetites for contemplative and quiet sounds... sounds soothing me right now as i blog after returning home at 7AM from djing all night to a club full of people jumping up and down on a tuesday (i heart Berlin):

3 guitars, 1 bass, and some electronics, this quartet stretches out over 50 minutes of not only the scrapes and thuds of extended technique, but also the beautiful plucked tones.

Werner Dafeldecker: electric bass, double bass
Martin Siewert: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electronics
Burkhard Stangl: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Taku Sugimoto: electric guitar, 6-string bass guitar

Recorded at Wuschi's Basement (live) and Feedback Studio in Vienna, April 2000, and Tonstudio Amann in Vienna, October 2000. Released May 2002

SSSD - Home

this one on the whole, besides being varied with an all star contributor list, belongs to the more difficult, stringent, and kurmudgeony school of improvisation. not my favorite but still a very interesting and sometimes very good listen.

1. Scott Fields (electric guitar), and Yoshiko Kanda (percussion)
2. Utah Kawasaki (analog synthesizer), and Yuko Nexus6 (cassette player)
3. Gene Coleman (bass clarinet), Richard Teitelbaum (electronics, laptop computer), Brett Larner (koto), Ko Ishikawa (sho), and Aya Motohashi (hichiriki)
4. I.S.O.: Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (amplified percussion), Sachiko M (sampler with sine wave), and Yoshihide Otomo (electric guitar, turntable); and Kang Tae Hwan (alto sax)
5. Stefan Keune (sopranino sax), John Russell (acoustic guitar), Brett Larner (bass koto), and Masahiko Okura (alto sax)
6.Toshihiro Makihara (percussion), Brett Larner (gu zheng), Utah Kawasaki (analog synthesizer), Ami Yoshida (voice), Yuko Nexus6 (sampler), and Taku Sugimoto (6-string bass guitar)
7.Carl Stone (laptop computer)
8. Kazuo Imai (electri guitar, electronics), and Elliot Sharp (electric guitar, electronics, sax)

All recorded live at Deluxe in Azabujuban, Tokyo. Released July, 2001

Deluxe Improvisation Vol. 2 PART A PART B

a re-up of this collaboration between our buddy Otomo and some Korean friends of his:

Otomo Yoshihide, Park Je Chun, Mi Yeon - Loose Community

as per requested, a re-up of the classic I.S.O - I.S.O. (live in a zen garden)

and another re-up:
Taku Sugimoto & Kevin Drumm - Den


bb said...

heads up y'all - the SSSD album is pretty pretty brilliant. and grab them essential re-ups.

and damn people, moving to berlin seems to be "the thing" don't it?

just wait until i get my life together!

howsthatsound said...

you are a beautiful and terrible man. many thanks.

David said...

Another great post of yours!
Thank you so much for this blog always great and eclectic!
I loved also your idea to post the OCORA collection here: just can wait till the next indian post!

David said...

Another request: could it be possible to also re-up the Ajar album?

Bruno Gallo said...

Hi There! I would like to post your blog con mine,do you mine?

donc said...


The I.S.O is wonderful.
what year was this concert and where?

don c

It was the blue that got me said...

I was just reading the original posting of this - and getting dead links. Thank you SO MUCH for re-upping these!!!