Ennio Morricone io box Disc 3 Track 1

i know this dude was part of Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza in the 60s, and has played with AMM (if I'm not mistaken), and so has real credentials under his belt. but i had put off exploring his daunting body of work, party because a lot, most? of it is the kitschy spaghetti western film stuff that he is known for, which does not interest me that much.

but today. oh my lord. bless my i-pod and its random function.

disc 3 is "Chamber Music" and comprises some criminally gorgeous stuff. entirely outrageous. tones that would make Lucier proud. free flurries of flutes like Evan Parker's circular breathing technique adopted by mythical forest furry creatures. ok before i start applying even more outlandish similes hear for yourself:

Track 1

(by the way disc 1 is the film stuff (yawn), 2 is pretty great Chopinesque piano music, and 4 is symphony music - haven't really listened - can i up just disc 3 even though it is commercially available? i dunno... need some convincing)

anyone know more about this aspect of his work? the more avant C / contemporary music / improvisation side? i did some googling but couldn't find any good info. and dude has to have a bunch of other styles / periods, right? anyone care to break it down a little bit?

also, the "new music" and jazz heads here, is there a good forum to discuss things like this or Scelsi or Spectral shit?



Anonymous said...

check out I Hate Music at http://ihatemusic.noquam.com.
their archives just got (temporarily?) deleted but there are a lot of people there into various contemporary forms of music. feel free to get the discussion started yourself!

kevinass said...

ennio's sountrack to "john carpenter's the thing" is an amazing work. A big black smear of monolithic bad vibes, with neat titles like "infection", "bestiality" and "wait". .. There are lots of great soundtracks by him without whistling in em, though personally, i can work with the cowboy shit too. There's also a "La Musica Nel Cinema Di Pasolini" lp that's the shit, but i dont know if it was ever released as a cd...vinyl is on "general Music" label...whatever the hell that is..

zhao said...

bigup for the recommendations!!!

someone also said the Mike Patton put together comp... so i will check all of these...


vaubu said...

That's really great! What an interesting share! ZShare is indeed the best way to share these rare one-off shares.

If I may make a request, I'd love to see a couple of short shares like this gleaned from your Ocora collection.


Thanks too to the threaded recommendations here:

"La Musica Nel Cinema di Pasolini" and that other thing *

I Hate Music *

uncle wiggly said...

all his crime/giallo soundtracks are pretty out there. citta violenta and navaho joe soundtracks are incredible too.

jim knox said...

John Cage made regular visits to Italy from 1954 and had a lengthy stay at the RAI Milan studio in 1958 (Fontana Mix). There is footage from around this time of Cage jamming with Ennio & pals & my guess is that this was the start of the Gruppo Nuova Consonanza imperative.

Please don't be too quick to dismiss the big M's soundtracking work: in excess of 300 titles & the '60s & '70s titles yield a lot of gold in a variety of styles (inc. psych, bossa, mod. classical, etc). He also arranged & conducted some great Italian sessions of beat/pop.

The patton comp is a solid mix of unsettling dischordant squalling. Very highly recommended is his OST for L'istruttoria e'chiusa: dimentichi (dagored) - 1 of the 2 most destroyed records he made.

The GNC was not so much his group as an experimental ensemble he was a part of (Rzewski was another member). I reckon you'd enjoy their work; try the Die Schattel box.

& your right: there is a genuine lack of good info on the egghead end of Morricone's audio spectrum...

zhao said...

wow thanks jim for dropping the knowledge bombs!