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RUTH WHITE - Flowers of Evil: An Electronic Setting of the Poem of Charles Baudelaire (Creel Pone)

A1 The Clock (3:00)
A2 Evening Harmony (4:02)
A3 Lover's Wine (2:57)
A4 Owls (2:45)
A5 Mists And Rains (2:06)
B1 The Irremediable (4:55)
B2 The Cat (3:27)
B3 Spleen (2:50)
B4 The Litanies Of Satan (6:50)

............to me, baudelaire's poems are of such unique power that they always seem to rise above the level of the personal and sometimes existential nature of their content. in this composition, i have attempted to parallel the transcendental qualities of the poetry through electronic means.

for the words, i used my own voice as the generator of the original sound to be altered or "dehumanized." this seemed practical since my experiments with the medium were too time consuming to have been easily accomplished with a collaborator.

to modulate my voice, i used a variety of techniques. changes of timbre were achieved with filters. tape speed changes were used to control pitch. into the shape of some words, i injected sound waves and white noise, thus changing the quality of their sound hut not the flow of their delivery. by adding reyerberation, i varied atmospheres and decreased or increased space illusions. to accent special words or phrases, i used controlled tape delays. choruses were created by combining slight delays with multiple track recordings.

the musical settings around the voice were made with music concrète materials, a moog synthesizer, other electronic generators and conventional instruments, which were usually altered electronically.

in the translations, there was no attempt to rhyme the verse as in the original french poems. i tried only to keep the language as direct and simple as possible, for i always found that the dominating power of baudelaire's ideas 'were in themselves of electrifying force.

ruth white

music and translations @ 1969 ruth white.




Jozef said...

this is absolutely great album! i have been listened to it from april 2007 and it is still great for me until today :)

(i can reccomend you (maybe you'll like it) Jex Thoth she is on the same wawe but few electronics
try here or...somewhere :)

Ego Kornus said...

Fantastic lets hope its a good translation!
But anyway for shure i gonna enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! love this place - great mix for mind and body - best wishes

Jessica said...

ha, i was just looking at this entry a bare few minutes ago and then, dear Josef happens to leave a comment to this very entry on my blog ;)

i actually encountered it a couple of years ago when i got acquainted with Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal. i couldn't make much of it then, Ruth's interpretation, that is. But i will definitely give this another chance now.

kind regards,

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Anonymous said...

Would one of you kind folks consider reloading Eno's I Dormienti, which you had posted on this page from about two years ago?It's not even available commercially, and is supposed to be one of his best pieces. PLEASE?!

from your earlier page:


Thanks very much for considering the request.

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Rob(aire) said...

Incredible blog; excellent work. I was wondering if you could upload ISO by ISO again? I mean, this place has enough to keep me at one with everything for a good while, but this seems an essential listen.

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Anonymous said...

Diamanda Galas' first LP has a setting of Baudelaire's "Litanies of Satan", well worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

Decided to track this down after being intrigued by an article in MOJO last month, thanks very much for the up!