otte over, underwater

Hans Otte died December 25 2007 and it has taken me entirely too long to get this little memorial post together. I chose this release because I think it is somewhat atypical (the very New Age-y moments in Siebengesang) but also vivid in its beauty, which rests somewhat in opposition to the understatement and reduction of Otte's essential piano compositions, Das Buch der Klänge and Stundenbuch. The solo harp composition, Wassermannmusik quite easily stunned me on a first listen, and these recordings reveal an ecstatic element in Otte's work, an expansion on the minimal glow of the piano pieces.

Siebengesang (Seven-Song)
Wassermannmusik (Aquarian Music)

Hans Otte - Piano
Cecilia Chailly - Harp
Petra Wiegandt - Clarinet

aquarian music


zhao said...

big big post. big big thanks from me... only one i have heard so far is Das Buch der Klänge, and i really love it.

Anonymous said...

lovely!! the harp ditties are exquisite

avant_guardist said...

The harp pieces are absolutely outstanding!

Anonymous said...

More of him please this is one of the finest albums I have heard.