piano space.........

a rare one this is folks, grab while you can.

Aki Takahashi
Piano Space (CP2 records) - 3LP vinyl set
(as far as I know never released on CD and LP has been out of print for years.....)
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LP1 (CP23):
Side A:
Toru Takemitsu: Uninterrupted rests 8:45
Toru Takemitsu: Piano distance 5:38
Joji Yasa: Cosmos haptic 7:38
Joji Yasa: On the keyboard 7:39

Side B:
Keijiro Satoh: Calligraphy for piano 5:53
Yori-Aki Matsudaira: Allotropy for piano 8:24
Shuko Mizuno: Tone for piano 13:20

LP2 (CP24):
Side A:
Toshi Ichiyanagi: Piano media 6:13
Maki Ishii: Aphorismen für einen Pianisten 8:35
Shigeaki Saegusa: Baire's theorem 18:57

Side B:
Jo Kondo: Air I for amplified piano with trumpet 5:14
Yuji Takahashi: Maeander 22:58

LP3 (CP25):
Side A:
Anton Webern: Variationen für Klavier Op.27 - 7:08
Pierre Boulez: Première Sonate pour piano 4:48 + 5:00
Luciano Berio: Sequenza IV 10:48
Iannis Xenakis: Herma 6:42

Side B:
Olivier Messiaen: Mode de valeurs et d'intensités 3:26
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Klavierstück XI 7:05
Sylvano Bussotti: Piano Pieces for David Tudor 3 - 7:35
John Cage: Winter Music (1957) 9:20

Aki Takahashi, piano. Hosei Soken, trumpet (in Kondo)

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Anonymous said...

FLAC or MP3 ?

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gd said...

i love you

anoneponymous said...

Thank you so much. I actually have a copy of this, but it was acquired used & a long ways past clean.

Looking forward to revisiting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I'm always frustrated when dickheads like anonymous ask stupid questions like "FLAC or mp3?". What a fucking idiot! Is it the music that's important or whether you can wank over the format?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million!!

Anonymous said...

what's a stupid fucking idiot's answers on so simple question?

FLAC or MP3 ?

Stranger in a strange land said...

great stuff, thanks

grasprelease said...

Dear Tom,

You are the shitt.



grasprelease said...

It should be added that it does not matter one bit what format shares are in if you have the proper (almost always freeware-available) tools for conversion, which can be very easy to learn and very fast and clean. With a few bugs, the program Max on Mac OSX, is just fantastic, and very free. I don't know what's best on a PC. Please don't be pushy with people who are trying to give you free shit. That's bad fucking form.

Anonymous said...

Thanks tom7865..
this looks fantastic,but i can`t see the full Link titles -
on my page they are all blocked by the `Leave comment` strip.

Any help would be great.

Thanks again

zhao said...

cut the muthafuckas some FLAC yo! :D

m capacity said...

The "Leave Your Comment" window hides the URL on my browser as well. The fix: highlight the copy from left to right, but pull the curser down to the next line. Copy and paste in address box. This will copy any unseen text.

tom7865 said...

copy and paste the links into notepad should display the whole links. If it doesn't use the skafunkrasta link and explore the site...its there also. Should I dare say MP3 @320?

Anonymous said...

That fix worked a treat!
Yoo da man!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this great share

e-tachada said...

how i wish you would have uploaded them to mediafire, but thanks a lot anyways

Owen said...

Great record but terrible transfer. Except for the third disc it sounds like some overly ambitious noise reduction was used and it does not a little violence to the music.
Thanks anyway, well worth hearing.

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oh this is nisce. nisec? niscethze? anyway im floating. would you like to trade links? here's my blog: http://downgrade777.blogspot.com

i would have put this somewhere else but i cant find an appropriate place to contact of you. anyway im going to link this blog on mine because i love it and ive been coming to this one longer than any other music blog.


Anonymous said...

thank you, but files seem to have disappeared.

Theo said...

Thanks for this so much!
Just wanna say, please stick with mp3. it is so much less hassle, i mean can you guys really tell the difference between 320MP3 and FLAC?

Eitherway thanks!

Anonymous said...

This blog is fantastic. Any prospect of some more Jo Kondo in the future? That cowbell track sounds like a treat. Thanks.

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I love this forum!!!

One If...... said...

Fantastic! Thank you!

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Simnos said...

Hmmm not really my sort of thing. Too a-tonal, thanks heaps for uploading anyway.

Anonymous said...

Please please please upload again, the only one I could get was the 2nd and it is absolutly amazing. I would be greatful outside of this computer,... I would smile and feel excited as the downloads begin the enter the computer, even before listning, just as it begins to enter my computer.
and while I have your attention I should just say:Thankyou for continuing to decied to be a badass person even though being badass is deemed as being boring or crazy. I mean this, thank you.

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oh I figured it out, but thank thank ill be danceing in my mirror thinking about what to create myself more into with this shit
oh my name is Lisa sorry I cant help myself from making more of things, it just seems funner to me, why say something that means nothing or do things that mean nother for that matter, what you are doing means something, thanks

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Thanks a lot!

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Anonymous said...

thank you!

Michel said...

Thank you!

avantgarterbelt said...

For those not finding the entire link, simply triple-left-click over link

right-click copy

right-click paste in address bar.

Tom- new to your site. Greatly enjoy your gifts here.

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Hi, there's another album by Aki Takahashi at the following link:


enjoy !

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an e-book copy of the book Arts/Sciences: Alloys ?

Haruto said...