piero umiliani -Musica Dell'era Tecnologica (NEW LINK)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketULTRA RARE experimental lp by the genius Piero Umiliani .... Very special and rare material...... Recorded at the soundworkshop studio de Roma.

Catene Di Montaggio
Computer Nevrotico
Virus in Amore
Blues Machine
Lultimo Pastorello
Finalissimo Atomico
Requiem Per Un Autotreno
Danza Dei Rocchetti
Marcia Dei Robots

(this is a vinyl rip, lots of pops etc) REUPPED THANKS TO ANONYMOUS! enjoy......


Anonymous said...

Great post!!!
Does anyone have a date for this ???

kevinass said...

thanks.....so great. I love vinyl rips....found your blog, downloaded umiliani down through jap. erotica! tanks

armeur H said...

It's sooooo goooooooood ! thanks guy !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Insanely great post!! This destroys all of the legit Umiliani stuff re-issued! This crushes "Musicellectronica"(yawn...) and all that other stuff put out by labels Easy Tempo and the like. Wish more labels would get off their loungey groovy kick and re-issue these crazy experimental library LPs...One of the best LPs I've DL'd this year, thank you so much!!


soundman said...

Any chance you could PLEASE re-up this?

m99188868 said...

A re-up would be much appreciated, indeed. :)

misoft said...

A re-up would be much appreciated, indeed-indeed. Thanks! :)

greg said...

i third that, re-up please?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

relax people. here's a new link