tomorrow, to the funky hills

about two years ago there was a website called

a lil hype:
"Do Morro" translates to "of the hill", and has been ingrained in brazilian slang as reflection of the culture of the segregated favelas that have firmly rooted themselves in the hills of Rio De Janeiro...This archive is intended to share the hip hop beat produced in the hills of Rio, the favelas of Sao Paolo, and the streets of Salvador - funky do morro: the funk of the hill...Much of this music was found with independent sellers, and produced in garages, with not much international distribution. Many of the individual artists on the track may remain anonymous to global audiences...

maybe you missed it?

a large collection of brazilian mix tapes - I dl'd the whole thing while at a wedding in pasadena. some of the these *.zips are incomplete - if i recall correctly, the files were not on the server when I dl'd. and these files are not tagged. regardless. enjoy!

all links rapidshares...

as melhores do la

batidao cruel

castelo 10

castelo 11

funk cruel

funk neurotico 23 pt1

funk neurotico 23 pt2

funk neurotico

hip hop cultura de rua


ta dominado


zhao said...

ain't no love in da favelas bro. life is cheap, and shit is rough

grasp, release said...

U dont know how happy this post makes me.
(It makes me haaaa-pea. G's up.)

zhao said...

have forgotten how dope some of this is. that castello vol. one is ace. bare ass essentials. but what little is there is so BOOTAY-licious. thanks b-dub