shrines, nests

I feel as if I'm late for class. summer's cresting, and hey - tom's on the diff_waters crew, throwing reat sounds against the ceiling...I've been hiding out under a hectic season. so, here's a little something...

shrine | nest

Keiichi Sugimoto
Yuichiro Iwashita
Namiko Sasamoto
Tetsuro Yasunaga

Recorded live at Suwa Shrine, Nishi-Nippori, Tokyo, October 13, 2002 (1); and at On Air Nest, Shibuya, Tokyo, November 10, 2002 (2)

two ~30 minute jams (as such). totally low-key, low-case, low-cal. A fine statement on the state of solid-state digitalized, ambient improvisations, turn-of-the-century (that is what it will be called, y'all).



tu m'

First full-length CD from this italian group, while they
were still working as a trio.

Recorded 2001 in Città Sant' Angelo, Italy.

Andrea Gabriele
Rossano Polidoro
Emiliano Romanelli

sigh -> getting farther away from the halcyon early oughts. these sounds just seemed to happen back then. and there they were, here they are...



anyway. back into the waters...I'll try to splash a bit more...


Breton Bitch said...

Cool blog!

Check out mine if you like:


zhao said...

wot you tink, guys? she's like a french dyke-bitch version of me innit.

(sorry I'm not sure what the current status of the D word is... ok to use or no? anyhow i mean it in most endearing way possible)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the minamo , lovely minimalism. i think dyke is ok, diesel dyke, is questionable, lipstick dyke is complementary, at least that's how it looks to me. the resemblance is uncanny.

it appears that your links are dead which is a pity