this was posted many months ago on SFRP's Ocora label thread, and has been knocking the life out of my speakers ever since. huge props to asterisk for having this absolute diamond in his collection.

the hottest rhythms I've ever heard. period. time signatures moving around like liquid, drums being hit with a true fierceness and precision. given flight by three (I think) master reed players. I don't know much (or anything) about the rituals being performed here, except that I hope they are still going on, loud as ever.

Inde du Sud: Temple de Chidambaram, Periya Melam

"Recordings from 2000-1 and affiliated to the temple of
Chidambaram (dedicated to Shiva but also to Vishnu), the ritual music
ensemble Periya MĂȘlam sounds vibrant and penetrating with its
nagasvaram oboes, tavil drums and talam castanets, the voice of the




greg davis said...

glad you like that one zhao.
its one of my favorite ocoras.
probably the most bumpin one too.
those dudes get down.
id love to hear that music live someday.

by the way im a him/his/he/dude/guy.


zhao said...

hey greg. this is one of bb's, not mine. (wonder if there is a way to accentuate the signature at the end of posts... or maybe we should just start signing them in addition to the "posted by..." ? what do you think bb?

i haven't heard this recording. now it's a must.

zhao said...

favorite ocora... now there's a concept. i guess if you held a gun to my head (and i was drugged, bound, and defenseless), i would say my favorite ocora is... fuck. just kill me.

bb said...

oh zhao how could you have missed this one?

I'm not going to debate myself on "fave ocora" - that depends so much on my mood, but this is certainly one of the most unique recordings I have, and Chidambaram is totally at the top of my musical dream vacations.

and yes, I think we could bother "signing" our posts beyond lil tag at the end. no one seems to pay attention to that anyway....

and greg, thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

love it

doru649 said...


Anonymous said...

Can you share this via Rapidshare please! Lovely work! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

beetor said...

I'd love to hear this, your description sounds great.