ablaze - global boom boom mix

summer is around the corner, here is the party mix which spans 5 continents and 10 countries. the same irresistable beat can be found around the world - from Egyptian Pop to Dancehall, from Algerian Rai to Bhangra, from Reggaeton to French Hiphop. when i listen to fiery dance music from all these seemingly disparate places, the worst homogenizing multi-culti cliches become undeniable, beautiful truths: we DO share common ancestry, our cultures ARE products of cross polination, and most importantly, all people everywhere likes to get jiggy.

by the way, if anyone is worried, don't be: you won't find luke-warm generic "Asian Beats" type crap or lazy-ass bullshit like Transglobal Underground on this.

note: this is the entire mix as one file. if anyone wants to burn it to CD I can up another version with tracks.



Zero G Sound said...

Wonderful mix, I love the Rachid Taha track and the rest is also great!

Would be great to have a track list and a file with divided tracks for burning a cd.

Thanks for the mix!

Dave Knapik said...

Ace work as usual, Zhao! It's been a rotten day so far today, but I found this new mix from you and I remembered how much beats can brighten. Cheers!

I second the motion for a track list, too!

Anonymous said...

great blog, thanks! i would love to have this mix with seperated tracks if you get around to it.

bb said...

yeah this is it. burnin!

scene said...

fantastic, i'm really enjoying this on a sunny day. another request for a tracklist here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zhao,
what a great site to open
one`s ears to. many thanks!

looking back thru your archives
there are so many interesting
projects that are now unavailable.

is it possible that you could
re-up these ;
3 from Raster - Modul, Coh. and Frank Bretschneider

or provide an alternative link ?

thanks again.

MOSES said...

Great mix. I'd love to get the track list. Thanks!

Coco said...

Sorry if I ask for something is not the subject of this post...But, is there any possibility that you upload again the unofficial albums of Brian Eno? Thank you in advance, (and sorry for my bad english).

Chad Bonanno said...

Ouch! Take it easy on the GU! I am downloading this now!

Rory said...

Great mix (again) Zhao. Thank you.

You'll probably get a big kick out of this ethno-arab-d'n'b-step mix by Filastine too:



Anonymous said...

Very fine, thank you. Separate tracks and play list would be appreciated. Jack in Texas

sulingman said...

Haha, you hit the nail on the head with Transglobal Underground. A fine example of why music blogs are an important contribution to the music community. When you are force fed crap and know that a more satisfying meal can be had if you dig for the roots, you find yourself sharing with equally dissatisfied searchers.

zhao said...
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Anonymous said...

"if anyone wants to burn it to CD I can up another version with tracks."

zhao said...

shit i really dropped the ball on the separate tracks thing... sorry... i'll dig it up soon

j.henry said...

yah -- i'd dig some trax too -- great sounds here as always -- looking forward to NGOMA!!!

Anonymous said...

And mixing is all it is.

TGU were doing it before you had your first wank.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post the tracklist please? I'd love to get some of that music.