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venusmond : oper als topos parts 1 & 2

this is the first two parts of an opera by guitarist burkhard stangl (polwechsel et al) and oswald egger. please download the insert for a full briefing on the deal, suffice it to say that this is a fantastic recording of a unique and beautiful work of contemporary opera. The third through fifth sections have also been released.

players include: stangl, jonathan bepler, kevin drumm, jim o'rourke, werner dafeldecker, franz hautzinger, radu malfatti, thomas lehn, and many, many other illustrious musicians. read the liner notes and holler for your boys, or girls!

mr. stangl at work

mr. eggar, the cover from the wonderful green integer press...



insert images:


and all together on RS


Little Turtle said...


thanks again.

i'm fan

Ego Kornus said...

Hi BB is it posible to upload it to an other service because we the south amercan comunity are not able to download from mediafire.
Thanks already!!

bb said...

sorry ego. didn't know about the mediafire blackout on South America. RS link in the post...

Ego Kornus said...

Thanks alot for your effort BB.
I gonna enjoy it, A LOT!!!

Arcturus said...

dewd, I dunno where y'all came from - each of you have astounded me at one point or another - but I can't even begin to register my surprise to see a friggin' green intg bk cover

& for that alone, I'll d/l this & check it out - i'm totally hit or miss when it comes to conetemporary composers

jAy @ jApAn said...

this is my new blog:


rock, metal, lo-fi japanese pop, obscure recordings, and comedy/novelty records all here with much more to come.

I've just begun this blog and sharing some interesting bits of my collection, so i hope you can swing by and check it out. also, i would like to add a link to your blog on my front page, if possible; and i hope you can do the same for me.

i love your postings and look forward to hearing from you.
jay in japan

Anonymous said...

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