quiet in japan

Here is an excellent collection of essential sound art from Akio Suzuki. Obviously the recording quality varies due to the date of recording and the nature of his instruments. I was fortunate to see a beautiful exhibition of his in Paris a few years back. He is an artist whom, as each day passes, I hear his influence more and more.

Akio Suzuki - Odds and Ends

details on the works included in this collection

here's some bio/infos



disc 1:

disc 2:

"why i've used two different services"
uh. cuz mediafire instituted the 100mb cap and I didn't check the files before uploading both simultaneously. so the 2nd disc is on mega. right thurrrr.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all the great posts.

sapien said...

the Analopos 70 track is really reminding me of older ambient Aphex twin.

Kevin Sartori said...

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Pedro said...

Beautifull album! thxs!

Scriblerius said...

Fantastic. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Great Album… Beatifull music…
Thanks for all this music