lowercase winter

Here's more lowercase music, with a certain winter theme. Two subtle, unpretentious works, with a feeling for winter's lightness. Both are out of print.

Pieces of Winter by John Hudak & Stephan Mathieu

A small album for sure. simple and clean, spacious mixes with generous silence in between tracks. obviously a winter album, but the title holds some influence there. some tracks are so digital, but the source recordings radiate an easy warmth. both these artists tend towards a straightforward, unadorned approach to digital processing, which is certainly in evidence here.

The album begins with Hudak's contact-mic-under-ice-whilst-it-snows field recording, continues through collaborative tracks, and ends with Mathieu's warm composition of manipulated pump organ and ocarina. The collaborative tracks are very digital and spare, maybe "cold" but that is pushing the metaphor real hard, yeah?


duul_drv - Fade With Consequence

an excellent entry into the quiet digital composition/field recording genre. another favorite of mine that I had thought I had lost. then I recommened it to a friend a realized I had to find it. found it!

hushed, clean and maybe melodic. crisp field recordings, hovering bass tones and little bits of DSP finding the space in your head where they need to be.

not only is this OOP, but duul_drv (pronounce it! dare!) does not seem to be producing much music these days. put out another album dude!


also, yeah I'm giving megaupload a spin.

also also, moving on from the lowercase for a spell...


Anonymous said...

oh! and yes, indeed! both such fine listenings...thanks!

zhao said...

I say it's pronounded "Dual - Drive".

bb said...

yeah, I've been inclined, out of common sense, to "Dual Drive" since I went "huh?" at the nom de artiste a few years back, but there is a snarky part of me that wants to call shenanigans on this very modern practice of self-naming. I mean, "dool durv" sounds too silly. sometimes it is kind of fun to be a total jackass about really minor things like this.

lord_direct said...

damn ! always this fine releases on your blog.
i'd be the happiest person in universe
if you continue with bremsstrahlung,
especially the lowercase compilations,
which were once downloadable.
i dunno where i've hidden'em.

have a nice 'between the years', y'all