Piotr Panin - Selected Pieces for Guitar

note: this image is the cover of a different album (for this one I could find nothing); and i included it because it's so cool.

Russian modern guitar works. this collection presents a taut and concise variety of pieces. the first thing the listener notices is a pure formalism uncluttered by decorative bull-shit, even if the style is not recognizable; and secondly a wild and passionate (yet extremely disciplined) spirit in the playing. there is an angularity through out (much like the cubist picture), and the short pieces go the entire gamut from turbulent to calm, from ecstatic to pensive. I personally could not detect traces of the "ethnic" influences as mentioned in the blurb below, either because my ear is not as schooled as I thought, or this collection focuses on a different body of work than what Jean-Pierre Jumez encountered.

"The following evening a small man with slanted eyes picks up my guitar. From the moment he begins playing, I relax in my armchair. It’s obvious that I'm in the presence of a man of extraordinary feeling. He plunges me into a new world, a world that arises from the multitude of cultures that form the Soviet Union—a country he knows well. His playing is not pretentious, it doesn’t deteriorate into brief, explosive flurries or long, drawn-out developments. There are few variations in these concise musical forms, but there is no sense of boredom either. It contains Tartar, Mongolian, Inuit, Chinese, and Russian influences, and dazzles the listener with its fiery passion.This man's name is Piotr Panin. He shows me the 150 manuscripts for guitar and three concertos he has written, which I immeidately offer to have published in the West. But here’s the problem: Panin is self-taught. Therefore he has no musical status or recognition, other than the opportunity to perform with third-class folk bands, which doesn’t even provide him with enough money to make ends meet. He has no chance whatsoever of obtaining the status of performer or composer, since he didn’t attend music school. He lives with a distant cousin and raises chickens in the bathtub. Well, too bad! I’ll have to harass the administration until they come to their senses. At my next recital I perform some of his pieces (the easiest). Afterward all of my records would include a selection of his works. I send a barrage of lavish praise to Moscow. It would take at least seven years for Piotr to obtain the cherished status of composer. Because of constantly being made to feel like an outsider, he decided to change course and sell paintings instead."

- from A GUITAR AROUND THE WORLD by Jean-Pierre Jumez

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Anonymous said...

where can I get titles of the tunes? they are not in tags and nothing comes up on google.

zhao said...

when you find some information, let me know!

Cocaleca said...
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Cocaleca said...

Great stuff (quite bizarre)and great blog too!!!
Greetings and all the best!

PD:I've added your blog to links in mine and I've answered you in Lecuonas' post. Sorry for the delay, I'm too lazy, he he

grasp, release said...

Remarkable...and definitely much more surprising than the "strangest" improv-torture session that I could (and would be likely) to throw down as gauntlet...plus familiar and lovely in a way that makes the peripheral-hearing itch that much tougher to scratch. This is a winner!

mike said...

i too would like to know the names of the songs. any more information on panin would be much appretiated. great blog!

a listener said...

Thanks for posting this lovely music - I had never heard of Panin before, and am glad to have heard him now.

tripswithtiresias said...

Here are the only titles that I could figure, I have played some of Panin's work on guitar and these are the ones I could match up with ones I knew.

Track 3 is Dance
4 is Jesus Christ And 12 Apostles: The Last Supper
7 is Mirage
8 is Tatarian Dance

olegrin said...

Panin's performing


olegrin said...


Panin's performing

Anonymous said...

Piotr Panin, Selected Pieces For Guitar

1. The Little Cloud 1:17
2. Toledo 2:44
3. Dance 2:41
4. Jesus Christ And 12 Apostles 3:45
5. Melody For Dassen 2:59
6. Etude-Picture 2:10
7. Mirage 2:52
8. Tatarian Dance 2:12
9. Humoresque 1:10
10. The Old Jerusalem 3:30
11. Con Sentimento 2:39
12. Pontius Pilate 1:48
13. Horizon Perdu #1 2:10
14. Horizon Perdu #2 2:18
15. Portrait Of Shingis Khan 2:24
16. Apocalypse 5:29
17. Dance Eskimo 3:28
18. l'Eau Vive 2:29
19. Bee Hive 1:05
20. Portrait Of V. Bellini 2:05
21. Horizon Perdu #3 2:48
22. Etude Horizon Perdu #4 1:43

Anonymous said...

I met Panin in a cafe in NY 15 years ago. He gave me this CD and I was amazed by the quality of his playing. Glad to see others are finding their way to his work.

olegrin said...