another installment in the excellent Stallplaat series, thanks to Kalli. first section is delicate and sparse guitar work, second is a vibrating electro-static drone.

Oren Ambarchi - MORT AUX VACHES

Song of Separation Parts 1-6

solo guitar recorded at VPRO Studios june 10th 2001


another gorgeous guitar/electronics recording belonging in the same play-list as the Sugimoto/Drumm album posted earlier. but then again, all of the improv I will post here, to reiterate, will be in this muted, meditative vein. no skronk-fests here. thanks to nphominoid.

Tetuzi Akiyama + Jason Kahn - Til We Meet Again
(For 4 Ears, CD1654) (Switzerland)

Tetuzi Akiyama: acoustic guitar
Jason Kahn: percussion, analog synthesizer


selection of pieces from a festival of music that Otomo curated, varied and wonderful contributions from some key players - free improvisation, electro-acoustic, field recording, noise (not the violent kind), and even a few beats here and there. wish I was there...


01 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled (5:00)
02 Radian Untitled (5:22)
03 Incapacitants Untitled (5:35)
04 Kaffe Matthews & Andrea Neumann & Annette Krebs Untitled (5:40)
05 Martin T├ętreault & Diane Labrosse Untitled (4:25)
06 Kazunao Nagata Untitled (5:26)
07 Novo Tono Untitled (7:43)
08 Keith Rowe & Taku Sugimoto & Otomo Yoshihide Untitled (4:57)
09 Poire_Z Untitled (6:56)
10 Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet Untitled (7:18)
11 Hoahio Untitled (9:55)
12 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled (2:00)


from grasprelease: Not exactly completely improvised, but this was a big favorite of mine for quite a while. Some high frequencies to deal with: be forewarned. But nothing terribly brutal.

Ralf Wehowsky & Kevin Drumm: CASES

Musique concrete realized 1999/2000 in Chicago and Mainz
Kevin Drumm: guitar & devices
Ralf Wehowsky: electronics, edits & composition



Anonymous said...

The Oren Ambarchi - MORT AUX VACHES link is an image file. Look forward to hearing it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the minimalist stuff of late, I especially enjoyed the Thomas Brinkmann. If you're taking requests I'm desperately looking for these two albums:
Omit-Quad Triple (3XCD box released on Corpus Hermeticum 1998).
Skullflower-Ruins (CD released on Shock records 1990)

Ben said...

Wonderful site. Thank you for the array of music. You have great taste.

I've been looking for Sugimoto's Italia disc for a while. Do you have a copy of that floating around? I'd be forever grateful if you did and could post it...

grasp, release said...

Big ups to you avantstylin now, C'fus. Yr blog basically got me started on this road to ruin. I'm straight ADDICTED man, and it's the _giving_ that's killing me. Do you have spare hours of day to loan? You will get them back w/in 5 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Tetuzi / Jason Kahn is just so great, Tetuzi rules the world after all—but then i see you've posted rare Loren now, and Loren of course conquers the universe...

labor&curse said...

geez...the oren ambarchi is incredible. thanks!

spiralstares said...

loving the waters... any chance of a MOTTOMO OTOMO_ Unlimited XIII repost?