Guitar-y Re-ups (file host questionnaire!)

In response to some requests from German (and other) folks out there on the web, I'm re-posting older Sendspace uploads via Rapidshare or maybe maybe Megaupload. Please leave comments as to yr preferences!

from the recent Annette Krebs post:

Annette Krebs "Guitar Solo"

Krebs + Sugimoto "eine guitarre...." etc etc etc etc

and an older Taku Sugimoto "Myshkin Musicu for Electric Guitar" (it's awesome!)


Anonymous said...

Rapidhsare's definitely best, thanks!

Sigmund Fraud said...

Sugimoto, Krebs and Feldman to boot. And everything on rapidshare.com. What can I say? My cup runneth over... Thank you infinitely.

Anonymous said...

welp, for me, sendspace seems to work faster. plus you dont have to enter YGH or D3Z or whatever to start downloading... but its all good. thanks for the audio joyness

Anonymous said...

i prefer megaupload, since it's extremely fast and i'm trying to avoid purchasing a premium membership at rapidshare.

either way, your posts are incredible. this is some of the best music i've come across in any blog.

hit us with more tetuzi, mazzacane, and basho!

any haino keiji??

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare for sure

Anonymous said...

I prefer senspace. Rapidshare makes you wait too much.

Theo said...

Hi thanks for these!
late entry but, Megaupload is superior, with rapidshare you have to wait hours after one file finishes sometimes!!

Coeli said...

Badongo is good too, because we can dowload without time limits.
Megaupoald is the worse.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to request "Myshkin Musicu for Electric Guitar".

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Same for me bb. ¿Is it possible? "Myshkin Musicu for Electric Guitar". Link in rd is dead and sendspace is not for my planet. Thanks in advance.