Do NOT Forget To Boogie!

This is my first posting here, and I'm starting this on the right foot, the hot foot. What follows is a very very rare LP (2003) from Tetuzi Akiyama, my favorite guitar-ish-ist from the new improv scene (Onkyo, New Silence, whatever The Wire is calling it this month). That said, his range is much broader than genre and associates suggest, and this is the album that convinced me that it is not just his style(s) that are inimitable.

"Don't Forget To Boogie" is a collection of seemingly trad Rock 'n' Roll riffs, but played with a minimalist repetition, attention given to overtones and texture. I've always found Akiyama's solo music extremely resonant, even emotional, and that is certainly in evidence here, evoking the desperation and sadness of the lone guitar player, but finding that place deep within the ecstatic language of rock, more specifically, boogie. I can not recommend highly enough this recording or any by Tetuzi (scroll down for his recording with Jason Kahn, where he plays acoustic). Stick around and you'll probably get more Tetuzi from me. Take the title of this release as sagely advice.

Tetuzi Akiyama - Don't Forget To Boogie! (Idea LP 2003)

Note: Although this is only available on vinyl, be advised - this is NOT a vinyl rip! That is all I will say about that.


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All music by Tetuzi Akiyama

Tetuzi Akiyama: electric guitar

Recorded by Yoshio Nakayama and Tetuzi Akiyama at Phonic Aim Road House on July 5, 2002
Edited by Toshimaru Nakamura
Front cover photo by Takashi Matsuoka
Back cover photo by Fredrik Nilson
Typography and design by Tom Recchion
Produced by Tetuzi Akiyama

Released in 2003


zhao said...

and the title may be a reminder to all those who work in the "Onkyo, New Silence, whatever The Wire is calling it this month" scene. nice to come here this morning and see a fresh voice. cheers!

Ol' Hank said...

Um, you are OFFICIALLY my king of RAAAWWWKKKK! I cannot explain to you for how long I have searched for this rekerd. In fact, it is out-of-print, and well, I'll leave it that! This is a HUGE treat for me. Thank you thank you!!!!!

jonz2 said...

off to more than a good start

Anonymous said...

As a German user, I get on your link: "Sorry, the free service for your country is unavailable."

Not a complaint. Thank for all your posts -- I've discovered some great stuff.

bb said...

anonymous german!

what service works for you?

Anonymous said...

oh W O W ! ! !
thanks a zillion for bringing this to my attention!!!
now i know what i'll be cranking during my weekly arc welding session.

bb said...

yes, this is perfect for welding!

lord direct said...

for german users: sendspace works best in the morning.
anyway, i wanted to thank all the different waters for posting these obscure musical diamonds.
perfectly fits my taste.
& at zhao: what about some more mille plateaux stuff (i also add some releases you maybe don't have)


bb said...

I know this post is al the way at the bottom of the pile, but if lord direct is checking, there is more vintage mille plateaux on the way...