Annette Krebs (plus Taku Sugimoto)

Annette Krebs is a classically trained German guitarist of a totally unique (if unfailingly modern) approach to tabletop guitar playing. All sorts of small objects come into contact with her instrument, summoning the inner hum, buzz and electric resonances of the instrument. Clumsily put, maybe the feminine opposite of Keith Rowe? (a role she is either moving out of, or accepting, as her recent performances find her using more dynamic, radio sources and noise, though her touch on the guitar is just as delicate). Her recorded output is very small, but flawless.

"Guitar Solo" (Fringes Recording, 2002)

Eight very delicate, very quiet solos. No hype.



"eine gitarre ist eine gitarrre ist keine gitarre ist eine gitarre..." (Rossbin)

Taku Sugimoto: six-string bass guitar (1) and electric guitar (2, 3)
Annette Krebs: electro-acoustic guitar

Recorded by Taku Sugimoto at Off Site in Tokyo on June 12, 2001 (1, 2)
Recorded live by Taku Sugimoto at Verein für experimentalle Musik in Darmstadt on November 2, 2001 (3)
Mastered by Toshimaru Nakamura at Setreset in Tokyo
Artwork by Lucaroux/Agitup

Released July 2002



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