VVV - Endless

Pan Sonic and Suicide main-man Alan Vega collaboration from 1996, loosely revolving around the theme of war. a noble and resolute document of the desolation and sickness of these last days -- last days of American hegemony, last days of petrol fueled economies, last days of the rain forest, ice caps, a warm mediterranean, and perhaps the last days of the human species.

when I first got this I was uninitiated to the greatness of Suicide and did not "get" the vocals. now the combination of Pan Sonic's beats, hums, and bleeps and Vega's sinister narcotic invocations feel just bloody perfect. in this project (even more apparent in the wicked recent album Ressurection River), Pan Sonic sometimes deliver their most straightforward and "accessable" rhythms - un-fucked-with straight 4/4 or skeletal mutant blip-hop breaks - and Vega's menacing drawl like some demonic Elvis back from the dead to raise hell in the American nightmare, flesh torn and soul scorched, to cast his tortured doomsday shadow over this cursed land.



Lucky said...

bonjour, zhao!
sometimes i find something at your blog that serves my 'out' taste - and this record sure is one. a friend recommended me the 'a', and after fist listening to it, i was on the tracks.
suicide may be an untouchable thing, but they never moved me, not really. with pan sonic it's the same - listened to their recent grand several cd's release, and it just let me cold. "no humor, no amor", like caetano veloso once said.

zhao said...

may be quite right... but then again, some great things are not about humor or amor...