some great recordings of favorite post jazz improvisors will be posted in the next few days, months, years. starting with a few samples in the discography of a couple of Japanese masters, Taku Sugimoto and Ottomo Yoshihide. thanks to billybilly, Graspplease, and Kalli for some of these.

Taku Sugimoto - OPPOSITE (HatArt: HatNoir, 1998)

a perfect album of gorgeous guitar tones and licks. everyone needs this.


Taku Sugimoto and Kevin Drumm - Den (Sonoris, SON-13) (CD) 2000

another one of my all time favorite recordings in this area. (and not just for the funny Platypus drawing on the cover, which, all truth be told, is reason plenty)

Taku Sugimoto: guitar
Kevin Drumm: guitar, electronics

http://rapidshare.com/files/793556/Taku_Sugimoto___Kevin_Drumm.zi p.html

Taku Sugimoto / Otomo Yoshihide / Keith Rowe (all on guitars) - "Ajar"


Otomo Yoshihide, Park Je Chun, Mi Yeon - Loose Community

Ottomo playing with friends from Korea, over dubbed and constructed in the studio with improvising work by Günter Müller, Sachiko M, and Tanaka Yumiko. 6 different individuals from different backgrounds building lovely architecture in time.


I.S.O. - I.S.O.

the classic live recording in a buddhist temple / rock garden. this is the beautiful and wonderful side of Japanese school of Zen Buddhism.

Otomo Yoshihide , Sachiko M, Yoshimitsu Ichiraku



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your tireless efforts, enjoyed recent posts especially.

The wee platypus upload is "file not found", and I was so looking forward to it!

zhao said...

re: platypus not found: remove space between zi and p!!!

shit said...

Thanks again

balsaczar said...

ugh. sad to see all the rapidshare links. good DL speed, but makes you wait over an hour between DL's. boo.

thanks for the superb efforts though. workin my way up from rod poole (work that balalaika, gangsta).

zhao said...

if you are downloading at home, click disconnect and re-connect to the internet, and you will have a different IP address, which will make the dumb R.S. robot think you are someone else, thus by-passing the hour wait.


Anonymous said...

this is all good

any news with those live recordings of pan_sonic though ;-) ?

labor&curse said...

very nice!
looking forward to the live pan sonic... !

zhao said...

just spoke with Leticia Castaneda, the organiser of the show, who is of course an amazing sound artist in her own right, about the recordings and apparently her studio monitors broke (crazy chick!) and she has to get new ones to master those recordings properly.

thus the delay. as billybilly would say, keep yr sox on. :D

Anonymous said...

amazin post. knew new works of them folks but not these between whole grain and whot nows eai. Makes you wonder if indeed theres progress in music - just listnin to opposite and Sugimoto never sounded as good to me.

zhao said...

Sugimoto went the way of extreme reduction... I have him in quartet setting with 3 other amazing guitarists where there is like, a single 3 second tone at like the 24th minute mark in a 40 minute composition, the rest, you guessed it, being silence.

but yeah, Opposite is the bee's knees.

Anonymous said...

Prefer ponderin recent Sugimoto to actually listnin. Its a valid concept, but listnin just feels like mathmatical breathing lessons. Have that guitar4, saw it in a store an thought: wow, 3 of the guitarists i never really heard but know i must (i strum a little geetar meself) together, i can buy 100%guaranteedreadymade epiphany this time. Stead i had that breathing lesson. At least im a patient man now.

zhao said...

there are excellent and immensely enjoyable records by the others (I'm assuming we are talking about the same recording - Sugimoto with Otomo Yoshihide, Toshi Nakamura and Tetuzi Akiyama)... will be posting soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tetutzi'd rule the world if only he'd forget to boogie...

arcaf said...

this might interest you

Koji Asano
the last shade of evening falls


1974 born in Saitama, Japan
Based in London in 1993, Tokyo in 1994-1998, Barcelona in 1999-2004, he continues to tour all Europe and Japan frequently, playing solo concert by laptop. Moreover, there are a lot of work offers as the composer, from Ensemble Die Reihe (Austria, 2004), Paragon Ensemble(Scotland, 2002), the Smith quartet (France, 1997) and Barcelona Winds Orchestra (Spain, 2001), etc.
His main work is targeted on CD Album, keeps releasing several works almost every year without rest, piling up to 36 discs now just in one decade. Very prolific but wide range variety of his original music is beyond the frames of the music category, saying that "One of the most imaginative composers in the world" (All Music Guide).
Also he produces music for video art, movie, Play etc. , and compilations CD from other label are many.
In 2004, he played in Swiss in May, Japanese tour in June-July, invited to participate in the composer forum in Austria, playing in Electric music festival in Lisbon. Living in near Tokyo now.
more here :

Anonymous said...

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zhao said...

oh thanks arcaf. I've always liked Kogi Asano, and that is a very interesting record in terms of sound character. and I like the moodiness of it too... I have one other one... forget the name.

Anonymous said...

Buy them cds @sonoris.org

cheap price
excellent quality

zhao said...

yeah sonoris is awesome. I hope I haven't posted anything that they make available?

Anonymous said...

excellent stuff. thanks for sharing. i have no idea where i'd have access to these artists without your efforts.

SuperGojira! said...

nice blog this is. Is it possible for you to upload some of the Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M stuff again?

FreeCT said...

so nice, any chance of a re up of these gems??

Xav said...

Thanks a lot for your posts which are very interesting! I would like to know if you could re-post the album I.S.O? I can't find it anywhere! Many thanks!