Various - opensource.code

Various - opensource.code

OK let's get some boogie up in this bitch. albeit in an ethereal, abstract, minimalist sort of way... each of these tracks are very well crafted, and follow their own design to logical conclusions. (what more, one might ask, can we want from any piece of art?)

Label: Source Records (DE)
Country: Germany
Released: 2002
Notes: In co-operation with Ableton

1 Jan Jelinek Music To Interrogate By (6:08)
2 S.E. Berlin Toninas (5:50)
3 Robert Lippok 6 a.m. (5:18)
4 Bton Nocturne (4:11)
5 Sutekh Asscr (6:30)
6 Thomas Brinkmann Momoklick (4:43)
7 Smyglyssna Microholiday (4:39)
8 Move D ┬Ást (7:01)
9 Alex Cortex Laconic Track #1 (Tom Thiel Remix) (4:14)
10 Monolake White II (9:27)
11 Studio Pankow Linienbusse (7:08)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music. I really like this album but it seems as the first track is missin. Akufen-Synthaxis 2 is supposed to be included on this album? No?

Anyway thanks you.


zhao said...

ah yes... I was hoping no one would notice... that track was exceptionally dull so I deleted it a long time ago. (throwing hands up)

qvtvr said...

Well, I wouldn't have noticed if you had renumbered the tracks... Thanks anyway. Have burned some of the other techno albums on a disc this weekend and am listening to them now. Rather nice I must say.

Glisten said...

please reupload, thank you for the info