Aynur -Keçe Kurdan

if I'm not mistaken, this is the vocalist who stole the show in Crossing the Bridge: Music of Istanbul. through out much of this album her amazing voice soars over insistent rhythms with a furious energy, and even the calmer tracks have a heart-wrenching, hair-raising intensity about them. the music is mostly traditional with subtle modern touches - cinematic, grandiose, and awe-inspiring.

thanks to oiche.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this album. It is breathtaking. I am usually dissapointed with contemporary music recordings. But Aynur has managed to use the good things about contemporary studio technology to her advantage, not as a masking tool.

I`ve enjoyed many of your postings...thanks for spreading GOOD music around.


A Dashing Blade said...

With anonymous on this one . . . this is seriously good stuff.