The Same River - another bwoggy thingie

yes I've started another one: http://www.thesameriver.blogspot.com

do you know of any good non-music blogs I should check out? art, politics, thought, poetry, theory?

riotporn.blogspot.com is pretty fucking AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

Here are three sites that you might find interesting:


....great post "Against Subjectivity" on your other blog.

zhao said...

thanks! for links and comment!

thenonist is cool! haven't checked the other ones yet... gotta go to work...

Anonymous said...

on politics/information/activism:

Anonymous said...

Politics and check out his other links on same subjects:


Loopy C said...

Hey confucius, I saw your comment at 'Closet Of Curiosities'. Sorry for the confusion, I sent you an email Saturday explaining that that dex was FOR you (thus your DJ name) if...you were interested. Email me at cgibson777(at)aol(dot)com with an email address that I can reach you if you want. (I used the one from your profile, does it not work?) The appearance at muse's site was a 'plan b', just looking for some collaboration ;-)

Loopy C said...

btw, a Stephen Mathieu performance can be found here:


Touch Radio#15

If for any reason you sent a reply and I didn't get it, let me know as I have another account.

Lucky said...

As you said you where interested in early ndw stuff - late 70s to early 80s German electro - experimental - dunno - how - to - name - it - music, here are some nice blogs for the weirder part of German Krautrock ;)



PS: go to the last adress, where you can find the complete discography of Die Tödlich Doris (VERY EXPERIMENTAL BAND FROM ALEMAGNE) - you have to go there via the web-archive link - the mp3's are not there actually, but they're still active, if you find them ----- and the web archive archives nearly everything. try it!

zhao said...

thanks very much for the links Mr. Lucky M.

I've just been turned on to some early Tietchens Synth-Kraut period stuff... great!

about NDW, I'm actually looking for more pop and dance friendly stuff rather than the strange improvised end of things. but I always love some weird germans as well! :D

thanks again

zhao said...

oh my god this is hillarious stuff Mr. Lucky M!

from the first link:

"Summary: The second album from Scala 3 was released in 1982 and did again nothing in the charts. Also I guess the band didn't play to much concerts. A hell lot of records were released during that period from groups nobody heard of before and after. And a good percentage of these records were just produced for tax reduction reasons which means bands were send to studios to produce records that were not promoted but just paid for so the record companies didn't have to pay too much tax for their incredible record sales of Trio, Hubert Kah, Joachim Witt, Ideal etc. Also I guess Scala 3 smoked a lot during the production otherwise they wouldn't have come up with lyrics like "on top of the world / where no cap stops / comes the iguana / with the opium"."