J-Zone - Music For Tu Madre

bin a minute and a half since I got up some hiphop (y'all with your heads up in the clouds and noses in the air need to drop down to street level sometime).

J-Zone is more than the outsider hiphop comedian that the world knows him as. shit can be a friggin RIOT, to be sure, but it is also inventive and just plain GOOD. good in a unique way that I can't put my finger on, that I don't hear from any other producer. beats are solid, sounds are fresh, and the way he uses old-time jazz loops is just right - so... so tight (but loose too). the sample-happy tunes just got that spring in they step, that light hearted real flavor - as he (and some buddies) raps about being dissed by gold-diggers, job hunting, gettin' loaded, and in trouble, always in trouble, but not giving 2 shits about it. a real antidote from thug-rap, commericalism, and revolutionary posturing alike - jus' a regular guy tryina get through the day and get away with as much fun and poetry as possible.

on-point from beginning to end, this long lost album was made while attending NYU, as his thesis; and to me is one of, if not THE best in his discography. there is an instrumental album that is also out of print, which I heard is the beez KNEEZ - anybody has it, hook a chigga UP.



square dancer said...

This is so very good! Smart and charming and funky as hell. It reminds me how much FUN hiphop can actually be. Puts a big grin on my face every time I play it. Danke schön!

zhao said...

U C? i ain't lyin! :)