SHEN - studio mix / mystical minimalism

"In the Zone, nothing is what it seems. Objects change places, the landscape shifts and rearranges itself, it seems as if an unknown intelligence were actively thwarting any attempt to penetrate its borders..."

for those who enjoyed the Submarine mix, this one is maybe even more introspective and ethereal. a Shakuhachi adorns the icy digi-scape of Alva Noto, a Gamelan emerges from Frank Bretschneider's laptop, and the first verses of the koran is backed by Pan Sonic's dungeon beats. the mix reaches further toward the sublime in the second half, and near the end, Cage's prepared piano appears like an apparition.

also features Muslimgauze, Kit Clayton, Gas, etc.

it is also because this mix ended up in the right hands that I'm opening up for Pan Sonic in the upcoming Los Angeles show about a month from now. post comment if interested in attending.



Loopy C said...

Opening for Pa (a)Sonic...dude! That's awesome news, congratulations ;-) I don't often leave my high desert home but...I am just the other side of LA (45 miles as the crow flies!). I may have to put pants on and teeth in that night ;-)

I look forward to this, your latest mix, as some Saturday afternoon encouragement for composing.
Also, liked the graphic site, I also have had various careers between graphics and music so find inspiration in your accomplishments...peace fer now.

Loopy C said...

I spoke before of a 'long thought, a synergetic reaction that was occurring concerning composing, performing, and listening sessions in the context of blog-land. One possible result I present to you from your 'Shen' mix.

Whilst listening to your excellent mix for inspiration and previewing certain other blog's vintage vinyl electroacoustic comps, I thought/ noted that an old school/new school mash-up was imminent. Well, here is what happened during that session. Hope you like ;-)

o'SHEN's 11 (prototype mix 1/ 072906)-DJ Zhao vs. Loopy C (no mastering/basic 'crank up that volume control' mix)

Special thanks to the blogs 'A Closet Of Curiosities' and 'White Noise' along with 'Different Waters' for various materials and inspirations.


zhao said...

WHAT is THIS????!!!! can't wait to hear what kind of mash-up you did with my mash-up.


zhao said...

sorry for confusion again... but I've uploaded a new version, the correct, final version of SHEN.

it is the one with the Koran, the Armenian flutes (Duduk), and the Gamelan.

listening to your mash up, Loopy. must've been fun to make.

Loopy C said...


lol! Well, something similar to embalming fluid was involed ;-)

Anonymous said...

anonymous congratulations from Panamá. What a nice and tasteful selection!

Anonymous said...

any chance of still getting into the submarine? optikom.com didn't wanna let me play.

billy said...

fantastic mix, makes perfect sense and flows. as I live in nyc I'm probably not going to make to a show in LA. are there any east coast dates for pan sonic?

zhao said...

Submarine download still works - just go to 2006/04 section of archive and scroll down.

thanks for all your comments. really meaningful for me to hear from Panama and NYC and... the Inland Empire(?). at times I have felt like I am completely alone in my intense love of this music, apart from a few friends.

I don't think there is a NYC date for Pan Sonic. will post if I find out otherwise.


Loopy C said...


I just realized, I think there was a small piece in there from Bob Ostertag's 'Say No More' work that was basically embodied that very idea! And my playback was through a Panasonic digital console. The mind boggles ;-)

Inland Empire(?)

I am actually on the back side of the Pasadena Mountains (Wrightwood is my back yard). According to my car insurance it's LA county!!!

DJ Doughy Vera said...

Haven't listened yet, but anyone who quotes STALKER (and has such consistently excellent wax taste) has my vote. Where's the P Sonic gig? Can just anyone get on the list?

dan said...

Great mix. Where are Pan Sonic going to play? Thanks.

zhao said...

I'll post the concert details when I receive them... sometime early Sept. I think it's set for.

Anonymous said...

Zhao, Off topic I know, but would you Pleeese consider reloading these Eno discs from last year? Please. Look at all the folks who've asked for them:


I can't find the I Dormienti anywhere for less than 85$ !!!

Anonymous said...

hello would u consider re-upping?

: )

big love!