Polwechsel [new link]

the language this improvising supergroup develops on their debut recording is at once precise, unpredictable, logical, dynamic, alarming, and absolutely breath-taking. scrapes, hisses, thuds, chimes, yelps, growls, crashes, drones, and wails -- we may have become familiar with these type of sounds in post-jazz improvised music, but very, very rarely are they so well put together, and with such impecable execution. forceful, fragile, tense and meditative, volumes can be said about the music on this disc but it may simply be a document of 4 extremely intellegent and able players tapping their individaul abilities and together making the most interesting experience possible. more than music which rearranges mental furniture, recordings like this will give you ideas for entirely new interior decorative plans for years to come.

Polwechsel 2 is amazing as well, featuring the jaw dropping John Butcher on Tenor and Soprano Sax, and includes electronics, but I'm not going to post it because it's still in print and available. Polwechsel has also done a collaboration with Christian Fennesz which is very much worth seeking out too.

Radu Malfatti - Trombone
Burkhard Stangl - Guitar
Michael Moser - Cello
Werner Dafeldecker - Double Bass and Guitar



Reimer said...

Great to see someone keeping this stunning disc available for the curious.

P2 seemed a real let-down to me - too much subdued-electronica throb for the writers at 'Wire' to spin pessimistic fantasies off.

Not heard much of the Fennesz collab, and P3 seems never to have been widely available.

Korpus said...

Gracias found it!
gonna enjoy
special today on this lazy sunday!!

Anonymous said...

just to note that the link is to the second polwechsel, not the first one.